About NTF

The Norwegian Association of Interpreters (NTF) is a professional association for interpreters in Norway. Established in 2004, NTF’s objectives are:

  • to unite all interpreters in Norway who meet NTF’s professional requirements with a view to promoting its members’ professional interests;
  • to champion and safeguard high professional and ethical standards among its members;
  • to ensure that interpreting remains an independent profession;
  • to develop relevant activities for its members and to participate in the development of courses and arenas for continuous professional development;
  • to work for its members’ interests relating to remuneration and working conditions;
  • to provide information about interpreting and interpreters, and to participate in such arenas where interpreting practices and the use of interpreters are discussed and/or formulated.


The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and Diversity (IMDi) is the national professional authority for interpreting in the public sector. IMDi is the licensing body for the government authorisation of interpreters. IMDi also administers and operates the Norwegian National Register of Interpreters (Nasjonalt tolkeregister) whose searchable database of qualified interpreters can be found at: www.tolkeportalen.no.

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